laser_pic.jpeg (laser_pic.webp)How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal targets specific areas of hair growth with a low energy beam, which is fired in a rapid pulse to the target area. Hair color and hair thickness will be determined before the procedure to achieve optimal results. Six to eight treatments are necessary for permanent hair loss, although this will vary depending on your hair type and which parts of your body will be treated. Laser hair removal typically only takes fifteen to thirty minutes per session, but more time will be needed if the treatment area is large.

What Are The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal?

  1. Hair Growth is Substantially Stunted 

Unlike treatments such as waxing, shaving and depilatories where hair growth is only delayed by a couple of weeks, removing hair with low energy beams has a lasting effect. There will be some hair regrowth between sessions initially, but after treatment is complete, hair growth will not recommence for years to come.

  1. It’s Less Painful Than Other Methods

Waxing, tweezing, and depilatory creams. We’ve done them all, and each one has its own drawbacks. Waxing and plucking are painful, shaving is simply a pain, and depilatories are a smelly mess. However, the sensation produced by laser hair removal is more uncomfortable than physically painful. Many people describe it as a hard flick from a rubber band.

  1. Say Goodbye To Ingrown Hairs

Waxing, shaving and plucking all run the risk of producing ingrown hairs, which can be unsightly at best and painful at worst. By attacking the hair at the root, laser hair removal prevents the possibility of the root remaining under the skin and growing in misshapen. 

  1. Remove Hair Almost Anywhere on the Body

With the exception of eyelashes, laser hair removal can target hair virtually anywhere on the body. From the entire chest or back to the small, delicate bikini area, laser hair removal works wherever hair grows. And only the unwanted hair is targeted, your surrounding skin will not be damaged.

  1. It’s Precise

Laser hair removal can target any area with high precision. Hairlines, eyebrows and bikini lines can be tackled with far greater accuracy than waxing. The process also covers more area and at a faster clip than all other hair removal methods.

  1. It’s Time-Efficient

The nature of the laser hair removal process involves rapidly firing low energy beams, which leads to a quick session for the client. Preparation time for laser hair removal is minimal, as the procedure is non-invasive. Small areas like the upper lip can take just a few minutes, and large areas such as the legs can take only tens of minutes. 

  1. There Is Minimal Downtime 

Because the procedure is non-invasive and takes so little time, once your session is over, you can proceed with your day. No need to schedule the whole day for recovery. Although we do recommend limiting your sun exposure for the next two weeks to avoid problems with hyperpigmentation. 

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