Young Girls having  Halloween lookThis October, everyone is planning their Halloween costume and the matching spooky makeup look. Whether you plan on being unrecognizable in horror makeup or just throwing on some adorable whiskers, be sure to protect your skin. Some Halloween makeup products can clog your pores or contain harmful chemicals. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 5 tips to have a skin-healthy Halloween.

1. Prep Your Skin

Your pre-makeup routine is going to be essential in protecting your skin. Be sure to wash your face and moisturize your skin before applying any makeup. You don’t want to trap any oils or dirt beneath the makeup, increasing your risk for breakouts.

Using a primer before you apply your makeup is going to be essential. A primer will put a barrier between your skin and the makeup, and seal your pores so they won’t get clogged by the products. If you have acne, try using an anti-acne gel before applying, so you don’t run the risk of it being worse in the morning.

You could also invest in a barrier cream. Barrier creams are used to aid the skin in keeping what’s good in, and keeping what’s bad out. The cream protects your skin from possible irritants and retains moisture. Using a barrier cream before you apply your spooky look, especially if you’re using heavy makeup, will definitely be rewarding the next day.

2. Read The Label

Stage makeup and face paint can contain allergens and chemicals. To avoid irritation or allergic reactions, avoid products that contain:

  • Artificial Fragrance - Artificial fragrances are the leading cause of allergic reactions or irritation. It’s best to steer clear of products that are fragranced.
  • Parabens - Parabens can disrupt the skin layer and remain there. Many studies(opens in a new tab) have suggested that exposure to sunlight while using products containing certain parabens can lead to skin cancer.
  • Formaldehyde - Exposure to formaldehyde(opens in a new tab) may result in skin irritation and even burns, depending on your skin sensitivity.
  • Oxybenzone - Oxybenzone is an allergen, it’s considered a hazardous eye irritant and is known to cause skin allergies.

While we typically scan the ingredients of our skincare products, many people don’t do the same with stage makeup or face paint. It’s important to ensure that harmful substances aren’t going on your skin. If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, it’s best to avoid stage makeup and face paint overall.

3. Don’t Reuse Last Halloween’s Products

Even if you’re going as the same thing this year, or recreating your favorite costume with a twist, don’t reuse the makeup. Just like food, makeup has an expiration date. Expired makeup can be filled with bacteria, which can lead to infections. These risks are even higher when you share the makeup with friends. Some ways to tell that your makeup is expired are:

  • The makeup has an “off” smell.
  • The makeup has changed colors or textures.
  • The makeup has separated.

If any of these signs show up, it’s best to throw that makeup in the trash and start fresh. Even if you only used it once, don’t recycle your Halloween makeup.

4. Aim for Natural, Cosmetic Grade Products

You may be tempted to get some cheap costume makeup at the drugstore since you’re only using it for one night, but when it comes to your skin, it’s best to avoid these options. Cheap makeup may be labeled as hypoallergenic, but it can still clog your pores. Cosmetic grade makeup, usually labeled “professional” or “theater,” will be less harsh on your skin, and you’ll be thankful in the long run.

You might also try aiming for natural products. There are many non-toxic makeup alternatives that can look just as great without harming your skin. Look for products that contain irritant free ingredients and are transparent about their ingredients on the packaging. Many of these products are usually natural, biodegradable and organic. Avoiding products with synthetic dyes and chemicals can make all the difference in your skin.

5. Don’t Forget to Take it Off

Finally, after an exciting night of Halloween festivities, it’s time to take off your makeup. It is imperative that you don’t forget this step, as leaving makeup on overnight can do some serious damage to your pores and lead to breakouts.

Use a cold cream or micellar water to wipe off the makeup, and then go into your normal cleansing routine. Be sure to use a cleanser, toner, and even an exfoliator. A full routine including makeup removal, cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing will leave your skin feeling fresh, even if it was painted like a monster earlier in the night. Remember that the best way to protect your skin from Halloween makeup is to take it off.

You can still have a fun Halloween, dressed up as crazy as possible, and protect your skin at the same time. It’s important to keep harmful chemicals away from your skin, and avoid clogged pores which can lead to some spooky breakouts. If you want to do some extra damage repair, PURE Medi-spa offers a wide array of esthetic services, including exfoliating facials and chemical peels.

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